Herning, Denmark 2021

Thank you to the Danish Kennel Club for a wonderful show! I leave today feeling inspired and excited for the future of our amazing little breed, the English Toy Terrier❤️
This trip has been so much fun, lots of laughs and love together with my amazing friends in the dog world🤩
The warmest congratulations to Ulrike & Veritas Aequitas Kennel for amazing results this weekend with Veritas Aequitas Gloves Are Off “Odin”💓🎉 the future is looking bright ✨✨✨
Great results also for Veritas Aequitas Eager Beaver “Frode” showed very professionally by Conny today 🤩🤛🏼
I am very proud of my sweet Historical Diamond’s Lady Sansa, although the results were not what we had hoped for she didn’t let me down in any way❤️

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